At House of God, our Vision and Values inform everything that we do.  Our Vision is the Kingdom direction we are heading.  It's what God is calling us to do together.  Our Values define our Covenant love for one another.  Our Values tell us what we are, our Vision tells what we're going for.  Below, you can read about our beliefs and affiliations.

Our Vision: A Life in 3 Directions

  • Meet God

  • Make Friends

  • Change the World

As Jesus' disciples, we want to be the body of Christ in the world.  He lived his life with three key directions: UP, IN & OUT.  He was looking UP connecting with his heavenly Father.  He was looking IN connecting with his disciples.  He was looking OUT serving a hurting world in word and deed.  We want to keep that balance in our lives and ministry. 

As we Meet God, we grow in the UP dimension.  Vibrant worship, meaningful times of prayer & listening, digging into the scriptures, all help us to meet the Living God who loves us.  We don't just want to talk about the Lord, we want to meet with him. 

When we Make Friends, we're talking deep family like connections.  We want to get beyond surface "small-talk" and really get to know one another in the family of faith.  Jesus had his disciples.  We have each other.  This IN direction is critical for spiritual growth and support for life's challenges.

Ultimately, we want to Change the World with God's amazing grace.  When we turn the church inside-out, we see God's true purpose for his people.  We were made to love the world as God does.  Jesus sent us out to make disciples, not to invite people to church.  We want to announce Good News and make a real difference as we serve the poor, feed the hungry, and bind up the broken hearted.

Our Values: Above all else, put on love

  • Grace & Truth

  • Humility & Authority

  • Joy & Awe

When we truly love another, people notice.  Real love involve sacrifice and dedication.  When Jesus came, he came full of Grace & Truth.  His Grace is free and unearnable.  It's a true gift.  His Truth is powerful and compelling.  It sets us free from our junk.  When we practice Grace & Truth as a community we recognize the tension between Invitation and Challenge.  We know that the best environment for us to grow in is with the balance of gobs of support coupled with high goals.  The best coaches know how to calibrate such support and challenge to bring out the best in us.  Sometimes we need to bring a little truth to other so things don't get too cozy.  It's been said that Jesus came to comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable.  We know we need both and we're committed to living in loving accountability with each other.

Another value we seek to embody is the tension between Humility & Authority.  Jesus humbled himself and became a true servant even as he taught as one having authority.  He wielded incredible power with incredible meekness.  When we seek true humility it's not so that we can become doormats.  We seek humility because in our weakness, God's power shines through.  And in that humility, God grows tremendous faith and confidence.  We are given an incredible mandate and all the power we need to get it done.  Therefore, we seek to find our role and our gifts and use them in God's Kingdom.

We place a high value on living a life of Joy & Awe.  We have tons of fun and find Joy and Peace in all circumstances.  Worship is a blast.  We love to laugh and not take ourselves too seriously.  We also live in God's presence and that fills us with reverent Awe.  The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.  We have a healthy respect for a being as powerful as our God.  He's not a teddy bear or mascot for the church. He is a consuming fire, the creator of the universe, the Alpha and the Omega.  Living in this tension of Joy & Awe is what the abundant life is all about.  Because our awesome God has our back, nothing can steal our joy.  When God's power flows in our midst, we are overwhelmed and filled with joy and praise.