What To Anticipate As You Worship With Us

As you walk through the doors of House of God, we hope you will immediately feel welcome and at home. Before the service starts, usually there are several members chatting, eating some snacks, and drinking coffee. They are also there to say hello, and show you around a bit.

You'll notice there's a table to your left with info on it.  Feel free to make yourself a name tag.  Someone friendly should give you a program with the order of worship on it.  Feel free to grab some coffee and a treat and find a chair!

Worship begins at 9:15am.  We have a rotating worship style schedule with Traditional Worship on the 4th Sunday and a blended style on the 1st,  2nd, and 3rd Sundays.  Worship consists of modern praise songs with some great old hymns thrown in.  Our greeting time provides an opportunity for folks to shake hands, say hello and welcome each other to worship.  You won't be embarrassed or have to stand up or anything like that.

Next comes the Bible readings for the morning and the  message.  There are Bibles on the chairs for your use.  If you need a Bible, let us know. Don't worry if you can't find something in the Bible, we have page numbers for anything that we look up.  We try and make the message practical & relevant to your everyday life. After the message we usually sing a few more songs then the someone leads in prayer. We say a creed together.  We'll receive the morning offering during the announcements time.  Don't feel any pressure to give financially.  We believe the offering is an act of worship where we learn to invite God into all area of our lives (even our finances). We wrap up with a closing blessing and a final song. 

Twice a month we share Holy Communion (aka The Lord's Supper) with bread and wine or grape juice.  If you trust in Jesus, then your are welcome to take part in this time.  Basically, you'll come forward and someone will give you a piece of bread with the words "The Body of Christ broken for you." Then you can dip that bread (don't eat it yet!) in the wine chalice or the grape juice chalice as someone says "The blood of Christ shed for you."  We believe the most important words to remember in this gift are the words "for you".  God loves you and wants to remind you of with this sacrament of communion.  If you're not comfortable, don't feel any obligation to participate during this time.

After worship, we stick around to talk, as we share coffee and goodies. 

Feel free to fill out a visitor card if you want more info or have questions that we can answer for you.  You should find a friendly bunch of folks at House of God ready to greet you warmly.  We hope you'll enjoy your time with us so much that you'll come back again and again.