What We Believe

As Lutheran Christians our faith is based solely on the changeless Word of God, in the person of Jesus and in the written Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. The historic Creeds provide us with a normative understanding of the Trinity and the nature of Christ. The Lutheran Confessions represent a true interpretation of the Holy Scriptures. This constitutes the theological foundation of our church.

In a culture filled with so many conflicting and confusing messages, and at a time when the existence of any truth at all is being challenged, it is crucial that we have a common understanding of the most important stones in our foundation of faith. These stones are our Core Beliefs. These truths are not everything that we believe, nor are they in any way a new theology. They are simply a way of highlighting the timeless biblical teachings which are most significant in our foundation of faith. We do not create these beliefs, rather the truth of these beliefs is what created us in the first place. We believe the heart of the Christian faith is a living relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ. That faith is based on certain unchanging truths, revealed in the Word of God and embraced by Christians throughout history:

  • God is the One who created us to enjoy an intimate relationship of love and joy with Him forever in the magnificence of His perfect creation.
  • Sin is the destructive power of evil unleashed by our disobedience that has broken our relationship with God and ruined the perfection of His creation.
  • Jesus is God who came into our broken world as a human being to restore our relationship of love with Him and redeem all of creation by the power of His death and resurrection.
  • The Holy Spirit is God living inside of us who empowers us to follow the example of Jesus, binds us together in community, and guides us in fulfilling His purpose in creation.
  • The Church is the community of Jesus' disciples, nourished by Word and Sacrament, called to be a light to the world, through whom God is accomplishing the redemption of humanity.
  • Our Mission is to live out the love of God and declare the Good News of the Kingdom to all people as we live in community, following Jesus together.
  • Our Destiny is to be gathered together into God's restored Kingdom, along with all who have died in Christ, to celebrate His glory and enjoy His goodness forever.

We accept the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments as the sole authority for our faith and life. If you have any questions about our teaching and beliefs, please speak with Tom or Brett.