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Interim Leaders

Shaun & Amanda Wissmann

Shaun and Amanda are the Interim Leaders at House of God, a new Lutheran Congregation in Mission for Christ, in Redlands, California.

After years of formal education, starting a business, and serving the Church in Texas, Shaun and Amanda became missionaries to Peru. In January 2015, after five intense years of disciple making, church planting, community development, and justice work they felt a strong pull back to the US to plant a church in San Bernardino, CA.

In November of 2016, while planting, they were invited to House of God, as interim leaders, to help the church transition into new leadership. 

Shaun and Amanda have been married for almost 12 years and have two children, Judah and Titus. Shaun is currently completing his M.A. in Global Leadership at Fuller Theological Seminary while training with the V3 Church Planter Movement. They love laughing, movies, sports, and meals with a lot of people.

Their greatest passion, as a family on mission, is making disciples and joining Christ in the renewal of all things.



Joe Johnson

Pastor (Papa) Joe leads us through our monthly traditional service. Though Papa Joe is quite educated (a Doctorate from Fuller Theological Seminary), and widely experienced, it is his loving, joyful heart that blesses the House of God family. Through his time with House of God, we have come to a deeper understanding of joy, belonging, the gift of the indwelling Spirit of God, and the love of the Father. Not only does Papa Joe helps us connect with our historical roots as Lutherans, he helps us see what it means to be followers of Jesus today!