Huddles- Real Life Discipleship

In order to make disciples, we have to be disciples.  We need someone investing in our lives who is willing to encourage and challenge us to hear what God is saying to us and to act on it.  In Huddle, we gather in a small group (4-8 people) and learn how to be disciples of Jesus.  We study his word and apply what we're learning.  We learn the words, works and ways of Jesus in reproducible ways so you can pass on what you've learned to the people God calls you to invest in.

What sets Huddle apart from most small groups is the fact that the Huddle leader does more than just convey information or lead discussion.  Huddle leaders share their lives and examples with those they're huddling.  We desire life on life connection that goes beyond just a meeting.  Huddles are great at giving loving support.  We also know how to bring loving challenge so spur one another on in faith.