At times, in the brokenness and struggles of our lives and communities, it becomes difficult to see and experience God’s love, and His in-breaking Kingdom. So, to be more intentional about beholding and participating in the Kingdom of God in our midst, we decided to start a movement called, “Getting to Know You.”

What is Getting to Know You?

Well, it’s really about “knowing” and “being known.” We desire to live lives that are intentional,  fully present, rooted, and attuned to God. We want to know and love our neighbors. And we want to behold and participate in the renewal of all things. 

What does that look like?

Sometimes it will mean being a witness to something God is doing. Other times it may mean talking to and/or praying with someone, noticing God’s presence at work. More often than not, “knowing” and “being known” often includes meeting the actual physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of one another.

This map is a record of what God has been doing in our midst!